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        Orange County Government, Florida
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        印度电工You have the know-how, we have the opportunities.印度电工

        • Help tell the Orange County story as a public relations representative.
        • Enrich lives as a tour guide in our many museums and art galleries.
        • Share your experience and wisdom by mentoring a teenager.
        • Protect your natural resources through environmental volunteer projects.


        印度电工How much time should I commit?印度电工
        It depends on the volunteer role. Volunteers work from three or four hours a month to 15 or 20. We work hard to fit into your schedule.

        印度电工How do I find the right volunteer role?印度电工
        Tell us what you want when you apply. You can also call us to suggest a volunteer role.

        印度电工Do I receive any support training?印度电工
        All volunteers attend a rewarding orientation session and receive support and training from our dedicated staff.

        Contact Us

        Orange County Government Human Resources
        450 E. South Street, 2nd Floor
        Orlando, FL. 32802-1393

        印度电工Phone:印度电工 (407) 836-5661