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        Orange County Government, Florida
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        黄子韬豪车 For the safety of staff and residents in response to COVID-19, avoid travelling to county facilities to dispose of waste. Orange County customers should use their regular curbside service for garbage, recycling, yard waste, and large item collection.黄子韬豪车

        Orange County's Automated Curbside Collection Program provides residents with roll carts to dispose of garbage and recyclables. Under this program, garbage, recycling, yard waste, and large items are each picked up once per week. You can access your collection schedule electronically here.

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        Think 5 Flyer

        Recycling is required by Orange County Code. To reduce the amount of garbage in the recycling stream, the Orange County Utilities Solid Waste Division encourages residents to "Think 5" by focusing on the top five recyclable items—plastic, metal, and glass containers, as well as cardboard and paper. The overall goal is to help raise awareness about good recycling habits.

        Place only these recyclable items in the roll cart with the blue lid:

        • PLASTIC
          Bottles and containers labeled #1 - #5

        • METAL
          Tin, aluminum, and steel cans

        • GLASS
          Bottles and jars

        • CARDBOARD
          Flattened corrugated boxes

        • PAPER
          Newspapers and advertisements
          Paper bags
          Junk mail
          Magazines and catalogs
          Office/note paper
          Phone books
          Cereal/shoe/drink boxes
          Milk/juice cartons


        黄子韬豪车The recycling program can only recycle the material listed above and no other material should go into the recycling cart. Plastic bags and wraps are particularly troublesome.黄子韬豪车 Visit the American Chemistry Council’s Plastic Film Recycling page to find a bag drop-off location.


        Household garbage items, except for those items listed below, may be placed in the roll cart with the green lid. It is recommended that garbage items be bagged and tied first, then placed in the cart. This practice will keep your container cleaner, minimize odors, and reduce the chance of wind-blown litter.

        Other ways to help control odor include double bagging when the odor is more offensive, making sure the cart lid is closed tight, and leaving a dryer sheet inside the cart.

        Unaccepted waste includes hot ashes or coals, recyclable items, household hazardous chemicals, medical waste, fluorescent bulbs, tires, paint, and yard waste such as bagged or loose grass, leaves, or small branches.


        Large items such as furniture, mattresses, appliances, TVs, and up to four passenger car tires are collected the same day as yard waste. Large items should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before and no later than 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

        • Limit large items to three cubic yards (about one small pickup truckload) per household per week. Set large items out neatly.
        • Please keep large items separate from yard waste.
        • Freon-containing devices such as freezers and refrigerators are not included in the curbside collection program.
        • If you have questions about the eligibility of your large item for curbside collection, please call the Solid Waste Hotline at


        Yard waste includes vegetative landscaping material as well as grass, tree, and shrub trimmings, and should not be placed in the garbage or recycling roll cart. Yard waste should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night before and no later than 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

        • Limit yard waste to three cubic yards (about one small pickup truckload) per household per week.
        • Use your own garbage cans or plastic bags for collection. Cans and bags must be 50 gallons or less and weigh less than 60 pounds each when full. Cans must be waterproof with a tight-fitting lid and have handles on the sides.
        • Don't mix yard waste with garbage.
        • Bundle limbs, palm fronds, and similar items with string. Keep bundles three feet long or less. Limit weight to less than 60 pounds.
        • Live Christmas trees can be set out at the curb on your yard waste collection day for recycling. Trees over six feet should be cut in half. Remove all ornaments, decorations, and stands before placing at the curb. Artificial trees are not collected with yard waste.
        • Please refer to the Landfill/Transfer Stations page for compost information.