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About HamraBlues

Accepting that all good things have an end, so it was towards the end of 2004 HamraBlues took on a new mission, along with a new look.

It became clear then that our old web concept, started in autumn 1998, had served its purpose and outlived its time. We felt deep changes were called for, particularly at the content level. Changes that would better reflect a new world order emerging from the highly tragic human and material debris of the cowardly terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

So we opted for a blog to better suit the times.

Since the launch of the HamraBlues blog on July 4th, 2005 we have been honored with visitors from over 100 countries. Yet, more important, daily repeat visitors flow through from around the globe, including from the corporate world, academia, government agencies and international institutions. In number of visitors, the blog surpassed in its first 7 months the number of visits logged during six years by its predecessor web, which in its days had benefited of coverage in the International Herald Tribune and half a dozen local papers.

HamraBlues blog features what some may see as deviating from the perceived mainstream thinking as influenced by 24/7 TV and printed news media. Yet this blog is all about triggering curiosity, challenging the imagination and stirring the intellect! The aim is to inform, even provoke, while centrifuging passions and shaking thinking individuals into deep analysis on a variety of issues. Expect articles with analytical probes into events shaping our world. And if it troubles you or inspires you, if it annoys you or awakens you.......then this blog’s mission is achieving a worthy purpose!

In January 2008 Tinman gave the blog another look and feel, streamlining further the design and content areas to what you currently see. We hope you'll appreciate this style but also the postings 2008 will bring us with the important US presidential elections ahead.

We hope articles on HamraBlues will bring you moments of inspiring reflection and thank you for your visit and time. Of course any idea or comments on how to improve our content is always welcome. Feel free to contact us or express your thoughts on any article via the talk back  link.

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